Flag Football


In compliance with the Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act (LB 260), the Wahoo Parks and Recreation Department has adopted a policy regarding concussions, head injury, and concussed athletes.  Coaches and parents should familiarize themselves with the policy.  Click here to view and download the policy.

Coaches, players, and parents should also visit the DHHS concussion page to view information regarding concussions including approved training, videos, fact sheets, and other resources.  Visit here for more information.

League Schedules:      1st & 2nd Grade / 3rd & 4th Grade / 5th & 6th Grade

Team Rosters:
              1st & 2nd Grade / 3rd & 4th Grade / 5th & 6th Grade

League Rules

Program Philosophy
The mission of all Wahoo Parks and Recreation youth sports programs is to promote a fun, yet challenging environment in which participants are introduced to and taught the basics of a given sport.  The program is strictly recreational in nature and emphasizes equal opportunity for involvement and participation.

Registration Period
Registration has ended.

Registration Form and Fees
Click here for NFL Flag (5th & 6th Grade) registration form and fee schedule.  Click here for 1st & 2nd and 3rd & 4th Grade registration form and fee schedule.  
Click here for online registration instructions.  To begin the online registration process, click on the link below.

Program Format
All league games will be played on Saturdays and Monday evenings (only Wahoo, RC, or Mead teams would be scheduled for Monday nights if needed).  Note:  Game times may coincide with Husker football.  All teams will play a round robin schedule and are guaranteed a minimum of six games.  League play will begin in late August/early September.

1st & 2nd Grade:  Games are played 7 vs. 7 with a coach or a designated adult as the quarterback.  No game scores or league standings are kept.  All children will have the opportunity to play all the positions on both offense and defense.

3rd & 4th Grade:  Games are played 7 vs. 7.  No game scores or league standings are kept.  All children will have the opportunity to play all positions on both offense and defense.

NFL Flag (5th & 6th Grade):  Games are played 7 vs. 7.  Game scores are kept but no league standings.  Coaches will begin to develop players for specific positions while still giving them the opportunity to play all positions.

Tennis shoes or football shoes with molded rubber cleats can be worn by the players.  No metal or hard plastic cleats!  Footballs, flag belts, and kicking tees will be provided.  One mouth guard for each player will also be provided.


NFL Flag (5th & 6th Grade) Participants:  Each participant will receive an authentic NFL Flag Football reversible jersey!  Whether your child plays for the Cowboys, Steelers, Chiefs, Patriots, etc, they get to keep the jersey of the NFL team they are playing for!  The NFL jersey is included in the registration fee.

1st & 2nd and 3rd & 4th Grade Participants:  Youth participating in Wahoo Parks and Recreation youth sports are required to have and wear WP&R approved attire (primarily blue/red Wahoo Parks and Rec shirts).   Participating organizations/communities will need to have an approved shirt via league director.

Wahoo team rosters are formed via school when necessary and possible with the intent of breaking up teams as evenly as possible.  Parents may request their child be placed on a team with one other child for legitimate carpooling purposes.  Some car pooling requests may not occur.  This information needs to be indicated on the registration form (no exceptions).  Once teams are formed, coaches are responsible for contacting players on their rosters to set up practices and distribute information.  Participating organizations/communities will also need to split teams as evenly as possible.  All rosters are subject to league director approval.

Wahoo Parks and Recreation utilizes volunteer coaches for all youth sport programs.  All head coaches are required to attend the coaches meeting or meet with the league director.  Instruction on general coaching philosophy and principles as well as sport-specific information will be discussed.

An announcement regarding schedules will be available by August 16th on this web page.

Participants and their parents/guardians should be aware that there is a risk of injury during participation in Wahoo Parks and Recreation youth sports due to the inherent nature of the activities.  Individuals participate in Parks and Recreation youth sports programs at their own risk.

Refunds will only be allowed if a child is unable to play due to injury.  Any requests for refunds should be directed to Bob Schmidt.

Contact Bob Schmidt at the Civic Center at 443-4174 during normal business hours.  To register online or find out more about Wahoo Parks and Recreation programs and events, visit our website at www.wahoociviccenter.com

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