In compliance with the Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act (LB 260), the Wahoo Parks and Recreation Department has adopted a policy regarding concussions, head injury, and concussed athletes.  Coaches and parents should familiarize themselves with the policy.  Click here to view and download the policy.

Coaches, players, and parents should also visit the DHHS concussion page to view information regarding concussions including approved training, videos, fact sheets, and other resources.  Visit here for more information.

League Schedules:      Girls:  3rd & 4th Grade / 5th & 6th Grade
                                       Boys:  3rd & 4th Grade / 5th & 6th Grade

Team Rosters:      Girls:  3rd & 4th Grade / 5th & 6th Grade
                               Boys:  3rd & 4th Grade / 5th & 6th Grade

League Rules

Program Philosophy

The mission of all Wahoo Parks and Recreation youth sports programs is to promote a fun, yet challenging environment in which participants are introduced to and taught the basics of a given sport.  The program is strictly recreational in nature and emphasizes equal opportunity for involvement and participation.

Registration Period (for 3rd through 6th grade)
Registration has ended.

OUT-OF-TOWN TEAMS OR PLAYERS:  Contact Bob Schmidt at 443-4174 or the local youth sport representative from your community if you are unsure whether your school/town team will be participating.  WP&R will have final approval on all team rosters.

Registration Form and Fees

Click here for the registration form.  
Click here for online registration instructions.  To begin the online registration process, click on the link below.

Program Format
Games are played on Saturday’s beginning at 8am.  If necessary, Wahoo area teams may be scheduled to play on weeknights.  Teams will play a six-game, round robin schedule.  Games are officiated with scores kept.  Teams will begin practicing in mid-October.  League play will begin either October 27th or November 3rd with a completion date prior to Christmas.  Games will NOT be played on Thanksgiving weekend.  Games will be held primarily in Wahoo.  Mead, Weston, or other neighboring community gyms may also be used to aid in allowing all games to be completed by 1pm (whenever possible).  **NOTE:  The 3rd & 4th grade girl’s league plays on lower rims.  All other leagues play on 10’ rims.  Teams will not be allowed to practice on Wednesdays or Sundays.  1st & 2nd Grade basketball information will be released in January on our website.

Equipment:  All players must wear tennis shoes with non-marking soles.  Basketballs will be provided.

Uniforms:  Youth participating in Wahoo Parks and Recreation youth sports are required to wear WP&R approved uniforms (primarily blue/red Wahoo Parks and Rec shirts).  Community teams and organizations will need to have a uniform shirt approved by the league director.

Rosters:  Team rosters are formed via coach’s draft and/or league director formation.  Wahoo teams will be formed via school affiliation.  All rosters, including out of town rosters, must be approved by Bob Schmidt.  Parents may request their son/daughter be placed on a team with one other child for carpooling purposes.  The request must be made by both parties (not all requests may be honored).  This information needs to be indicated on the registration form.  Once teams are formed, coaches are responsible for contacting players on their rosters to set up practices and distribute information.

Coaches:  Wahoo Parks and Recreation utilizes volunteer coaches for all youth sport programs.  All head coaches are required to attend the coaches meeting.  Instruction on general coaching philosophy and principles as well as sport-specific information will be discussed.

Schedules:  League schedules will be formed after meetings are held with coaches and will be available on our website or at the Civic Center.  Coaches will be contacted via email in early October (after the deadline) about the coaches meeting.

Miscellaneous:  Participants and their parents/guardians should be aware that there is a risk of injury during participation in Wahoo Parks and Recreation youth sports due to the inherent nature of the activities.  Individuals participate in Parks and Recreation youth sports at their own risk.

Questions:  Contact Bob Schmidt at the Civic Center at 443-4174 during normal business hours.  To register online or find out more about Wahoo Parks and Recreation programs and events, visit our web site at

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