Civic Center

civic_center_index Hours of Operation
5am to 9:30pm
5am to 6pm
7am to 5pm
1pm to 5pm
*Note:  Civic Center closes at 4pm on Saturday and is closed on Sundays during the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Holiday hours are posted in the facility.

Daily Fees
Use of all Civic Center activity areas is free for members.  Non-members can choose to pay a daily fee which entitles them to use of the facility for the entire day.

Current daily fees are as follows:

Ages 3-7
Ages 8-18
Ages 19+

Over the noon hour (12pm-1pm) Monday through Friday, a special rate of $4 is offered for all non-members.  This includes walkers/joggers using the gym from 1:15pm-2:15pm.

Punch Cards
As a short-term option, a 10-visit punch card may be purchased for $45 which allows for single visits by non-members.  Each punch is good for one person for the entire day.  The card may be transferred (i.e. given as a gift).  Purchasing a punch card does not carry the same benefits as a Civic Center membership as the user is not eligible for reduced rates on Parks and Recreation programs.

Facility Schedule
Click on the header or an individual date to view the daily schedule of events at the Civic Center.


The Civic Center offers tanning services for both members and non-members.  Click here for our tanning policies and current pricing information.

Group Party Packages
The Civic Center is pleased to offer a variety of group event options aimed at making your function both memorable and easy for you.  Choose from hosted or non-hosted event packages.  Click here for more details or contact us at 443-4174.  Click here for the group event request form.

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