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 Turkey Shoot Results posted here.

Are your cardio workouts stale and boring?
We can help jump start your workouts with two, new pieces of equipment at the Civic Center...

Concept II Rowing Machine

Built just for fitness facilities, this machine provides an unparalleled and effective full-body workout.  With rowing, you can achieve a high level of aerobic fitness and core strength.  You will tone your upper and lower body while promoting great joint health though the wide range of motion rowing requires.

Expresso Interactive Bike
Welcome to the world of interactive fitness!  This virtual reality bike has real steering, shifting, and terrain-based resistance.  With its 24" LED screen, choose from 40 different rides.  The program remembers you and tracks your progress automatically.  We are trying out this bike for a few weeks, but the early reviews have been tremendously positive!  Come in and give it a try.

  Youth Basketball league schedules posted...click here.

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Let's Get Your Party Started!...

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Need a place to tan?...We've got you covered!  Click here for more details.
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For Wahoo property owners...
Information concerning the Wahoo Community Forestry Ordinance

Our Mission:
The Wahoo Parks and Recreation Department is charged with providing quality parks and recreation facilities, programs, and services to enhance the overall quality of life for the Wahoo community.  In achieving our mission, we are dedicated to managing and developing parks and recreation facilities which are responsive to varied and changing citizen needs.  We strive to provide attractive, modern, and well maintained facilities and green spaces which serve as a source of community pride.  We are committed to providing and promoting a creative and balanced schedule of recreation activities and events and work in close cooperation with various civic groups and organizations in facilitating a wide array of leisure opportunities.

The information contained on this website offers an overview of what we are all about…our facilities, programs, and membership services.  We invite you to take advantage of the variety of opportunities offered by our organization.

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